A community of people loving our city because of the person Jesus Christ


We believe the Bible is a book about God, written for us, so that we may know him and be restored in relationship to him. It’s the grand story of his faithful love to an unfaithful people (us!) that reaches its pinnacle in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the beloved Son of the Father. And this is the Gospel, that we can know and be reconciled to the Father through the Son’s perfect life and innocent death, exchanging his perfection for our faithlessness and granting us full rights as adopted children of the one, true God. This is the good news of the Gospel!



When sin entered the world through man’s choosing, every perfect thing on earth was fractured. Since then, we have lived with the bleak reality that sin is destroying our communities, rerouting justice to injustice, dividing families, compromising peace, and rotting beauty all around us. We believe that through Jesus, God is restoring his created world back to his original design. One day, this full restoration will be complete on earth as it is in heaven. Because of Jesus’ redeeming work within us his people, we are compelled to partner in his larger work of restoration in our world. We do this by serving the marginalized, seeking reconciliation, and organizing community outreach. He is making all things new.


The Church is the only place on earth where the rich and poor, every color, male and female, and young and old from every generation are brought together by one commonality– belonging to Jesus Christ. Because we belong to him, we belong to each other. But as you can imagine, unity within diversity does not come naturally or automatically. We need a place to belong and work out our doubts and sins and faith in the rhythms of regular confession, repentance, and prayer for one other. It is within this context that the Holy Spirit accomplishes “building us together into a dwelling place for God.”

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